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NEW Press Release from Phil Berg - January 2007
Philip J. Berg, Esq. Seeking the “Truth of 9/11” Calls on World
Community To Arrest and Try Bush & Cheney for
Global Crimes of 9/11

Microsoft Word document download here

They (Bush et al) made it happen or let it happen.
And if they let it happen, then they made it happen.
"And they must be held responsible."
- Phil Berg According to David Ray Griffin:
"Dear Phil,
It was good to hear from you again. Indeed, your lawsuit could turn out to be
the most effective way of revealing the falsity of The 9/11 Commission
Report to the American people (and people around the world). I, of course, I
wish you every success".
- David Ray Griffin - March 21, 2005

Axis For Peace Conference
Phil Berg was in Belguim and participated as an invited panelist
at the International Axis For Peace 2005 Conference on November 17
and 18 in Brussels, Belguim. This was a fascinating conference working towards
world peace, with representatives, speakers and press from over 35 countries.

The Axis for Peace Conference website onfy.de lists a wide variety of international
speakers, panelist and debaters. Phil Berg introduced a resolution for
delegates to consider.

Press Release from Phil Berg in Amsterdam
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(Schedule of tour at end of document)


Available for online viewing here
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Rodriguez ANSWER and BRIEF
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Press release here
Part of the lawsuit can be viewed here
The full RICO lawsuit can be downloaded pdf here

Berg's Blog
Check here for details about our new plaintiff, William "Willie" Rodriguez.

Half (49.3%) of New Yorkers Believe U.S. Leaders 
Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9/11 Attacks
and "Consciously Failed" To Act; 

66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions  
by Congress or New York's Attorney General, 
New Zogby International Poll Reveals

Support the 9-11 RICO Suit vs. Bush et al --
Please make a donation of whatever you can afford
to this noble cause, and urge all you know to do so.

Project Censored Award
October 23rd speech text for Project Censored Award
"9th Most Censored Story" click here
(Phil Berg received an enthusiastic standing ovation)

In an unusual decision, Project Censored has awarded the combination of Phil Berg's
press release article and W. David Kubiak's article the 9th Most Censored Story of 2004.

Phil Berg's nominated article "911 Victim's Wife Files RICO Case Against GW Bush."
W. David Kubiak's nominated article "Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes in Blink of Media Eye."

Statement of the Case

William Rodriguez filed a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) action lawsuit against President Bush and other high level members of his administration based upon prior knowledge of 911;
knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 911; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the
truth of 911; all in violation of the laws of the United States. 

We would like to thank all of those individuals whom have signed our petition and/or made a contribution. 

Please tell your friends about our updated site and encourage them to sign our petition.

A message from Phil Berg:
A call to unity - 911 for the truth!
"It is time for a non-violent revolution by the millions of Americans who are tired of their rights being diminished
by the Bush Administration; tired of the lies of the Bush Administration; tired of the lies about Iraq; and tired and disgusted with the lies about 911. NOW is the time to stand tall together and bring back our freedoms as they
stood under the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.
It is time to unite - hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder."

How can I help support "911 for the truth?"

• Sign our petition that you support THE RICO lawsuit to find out the "truth of 911."
• Send our petition to "everyone" in your e-mail address book and ask them to sign this petition and to send it on.

• Contribute to our efforts by clicking the "donate" button above.

• Sign up for "Action Alerts" at 911Visibility's website: www.septembereleventh.org
911Visibility joins thousands in mass lobbying, media events and protest action campaigns.
This is a growing and effective movement for public participation.

• Call, fax and/or e-mail all talk shows [radio and TV and internet and news outlets
[newspapers, radio,TV and internet] and tell them to cover our efforts (media list).

• E-mail, call or write your U.S. Congressperson and/or U.S. Senator and tell them to put pressure
on Bush and the White House; to stop stonewalling the 911 Commission; and to tell the truth about 911.

• Spread the word by e-mail, telephone or in person to your family and friends

• Tell others to visit this web site - www.911forthetruth.com

• Make a sign - "911 For the Truth" for your lawn or car.

• Please contribute to "911 For the Truth" by sending $9.11 or 91 cents,
or $99.11 or $149.11 (or $911 or whatever you can afford) to:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire
"911 For the Truth"
706 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1711
(610) 825-3134
(800) 993-PHIL
Fax (610) 834-7659

If you have any information that you think can help, please to send it to us via our web site.

Attention Present and Former Federal Employees
We urge all present and former federal employees with any information about "911" that you reasonably
believe is a violation of law including fraud, abuse, cover-up, etc., of "911" to contact us immediately.
We will keep your name confidential and file appropriate documents with the Federal Courts to protect
your identity and your job.


(Letter from Ed Asner to Phil Berg)
January 23, 2004

"In this day of so many lies here are a man and woman who are making
prodigious efforts to find the truth.  May we all support them as best we can."

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Edward Asner


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Operation Northwoods
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To Justify A War )

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