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Monday, May 30, 2005 - Madrid, Spain -

I am now on 16th day of 26 day European Tour to establish an "International 911 Truth Commission." The response has been terrific and we are hopeful that individuals will spread the word via internet throughout Europe and the world to demand the "truth of 911."

We are two [2] panels giving our presentations. I have already presented in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. Tonight, we will address in Madrid, Spain and the other panel will deliver their remarks tomorrow evening here. Also, tonight, my client - loceryl nagelpilz onfy, William ´Willie´Rodriguez, will be honored at a special ceremony where our trip sponsor, Jimmy Walter, will present flowers and a donation to the families in Spain who lost family members on 911.

From Madrid, our group is off to Vienna, then London, Manchester and we wrap up in Rome.

I have taken time from my busy schedule to help promote an "International 911 Truth Commission."

Please, if I may, help all of us to achieve our common goal - to "find the truth of 911."

Please take some time and again, e-mail my web site to others and ask them to; 1) sign our Petition, 2) make a contribution of $9.11 or more, if they can; and 3) send our web site on to others around the world.

Thank you.


Phil Berg

March 28, 2005

So much has gone on since I last wrote to you.

And, as days go by, more and more information comes out that assures me that we are on course to "find the truth of 911." My [our] goal - to find out the "truth of 911" ASAP. There are so many lies we were told and as time goes by, the real details of 911 are coming out.

I need the help of each of you by: spreading the word of our web site; and asking all you know to keep questioning the "official" story and writing and calling newspapers, talk shows and your Congressional representatives.

I just filed in our RICO lawsuit:

Answer and Brief
in Opposition to Government's Motion to Dismiss or Transfer the Case
to Federal Court in New York; and

My sixty-nine [69] page Affidavit to support my Answer and Brief.

If I can suggest readings so you can fully understand our position:
Read, all on our web site, the:

Complaint - 180 pages

Answer and Brief

Affidavit of mine

And then you will have an unbelievable idea of what occurred on 911.

Keep coming back to our web site.

A lot is planned and scheduled.

Thank you.


12/03/04 Friday
Ellen Mariani Update - On Wednesday, December 1, 2004, I traveled to New Hampshire for a Hearing in Probate Court regarding Ellen Mariani and her step-daughter Lauren Peters regarding the Estate of Louis "Neil" Mariani, Ellen's husband who was murdered on 911 when United Flight 175 struck the North Tower of the WTC. On the Court calendar were numerous motions and no less than six (6) lawyers were present. Thankfully for all concerned, the case was settled. We wish the best for Ellen as she pursues her efforts to resolve the tragedy of 911 in her own way. Unfortunately, this does not include Ellen being a Plaintiff with our RICO lawsuit.
We are continuing with RICO with William "Willie" Rodriguez, a genuine 911 hero.
I am waiting for further details to finalize my plans to go to Brazil for the World Social Forum January 26 to 31, 2005. Expected attendance is 100,000 and I feel it would be an excellent opportunity to advance the message that we are seeking the "truth of 911."

11/30/04 Tuesday

The Al Jazeera interview went very well; they taped for over 2 hours, arriving at 6:30 pm and leaving at 9:30 pm. 
It will be part of a 4 hour special in February or March 2005.

The interview dealt exclusively with the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) lawsuit I filed on behalf of William "Willie" Rodriguez, a janitor in the North Tower of the WTC.  Willie, a hero, for saving many lives, heard explosions in the WTC before he left the building and long before the building came down!

I consented to the interview because it is important that we learn the truth about 911, and because I feel we need a broad base of support. The press in the United States continues to suppress any serious investigation of the events of 911, and al-Jazeera has a widespread audience.  I also feel it is important for people internationally to know that not all Americans support our blind rush to cast blame for 911. Many Americans are honestly seeking the facts before rushing to judgment.  

Our goal is: "Find the truth of 911." 

The interviewer, Yosri Fouda, Deputy Executive Director and Executive Producer/Presenter of "Top Secret"
Al Jazeera, London asked specific questions concerning what evidence we had and I responded accordingly.

I am planning to go to Brazil for the World Social Forum January 26 to 31, 2005, if they will definitely have me on the program and if I can raise the funds for the trip [$2,000].  Can you help?

I'll keep you advised as to when the Al Jazeera special will air and developments regarding the World Social Forum.  


11/26/04 Friday
Urgent Notice - FYI - Tomorrow, Saturday, 11/27/04, I, Phil Berg, am being interviewed by Al Jazeera
about the RICO lawsuit I filed against Bush. The taping is for a special they are doing on 911.
I'm going to set forth all the facts that we know.
Keep me in your thoughts as I need all of you behind me as I relate the path of destruction that Bush and his cronies did to all of us, as all of us have been effected by the events of 911.
Thank you,

11/25/04 Thursday
Happy Thanksgiving!
As we all spend time with family and friends on Thanksgiving, we each have much to be thankful for.
Thanksgiving is also a time for reflection:  A time to realize how fortunate many of us are, to appreciate being able to freely express ourselves and to be free to gather, being able to eat a full meal and being able to look forward to next year.
However, it is also a time to reflect on many serious national questions:
? 911?when will we find the "truth of 911"? 
the elections of 2004 - were they stolen as they were in 2000?
? concern for the future of our children and their children
Will our children continue to have the freedoms that we have enjoyed until recently?

The Bush Administration has taken away more rights than any other adminstration in the past 200 years
of our country.  
Together, we will "find the truth of 911" and set a fresh course for the United States for freedoms and prosperity,
just as our forefathers and foremothers did over 200 years ago. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

11/12/04 Friday

What a week!  As serious questions are being raised about the election of 2004, we have seen a breakthrough with questions of 911 being aired. This week, CNN (11/10 & 11/11) and NBC Nightly News (11/11)
Yes, they are talking about election "conspiracy theories," but they are now bringing forth the events of 911 as well.  The Washington Post discussed conspiracy regarding the election. FYI - I believe a recount is being requested shortly in Ohio.
This means we are making a difference. We must keep spreading word of the fact that 911 could not have occurred without the complicity of Bush and his cronies.
The CNN poll put forth on Anderson Cooper 360 on 11/10 about whether people thought there was a cover-up was "yes = 90%" when I voted. And CNN's Cooper did a follow-up story on 11/11, although he did not relate the 911 poll result. (I wrote to Anderson Cooper to put me on his show - I welcome each of you to write to him and ask that I be on.
I am drafting a letter to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer regarding the need for his investigation into 911 and will release it to you as soon as I send it.
We will "find the truth of 911."  The "we" is important because we need everyone to keep spreading the word - e-mail our website and ask your friends to sign our petition and send our website to everyone they know.
Thank you.

11/08/04 Monday
Watch for regular notes in this area.
A lot has happened.
Today, yes, today, The New York Times wrote about "911;" however, not enough. Point of information - "911" could not have occurred without the complicity of President Bush and his cronies!
I have filed a new RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) lawsuit on 10/22/04 against Bush, former President Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and many others on behalf of William "Willie" Rodriguez. Read the lawsuit and about "Willie," the last man out of the North Tower of the WTC (before leaving, "Willie," heard explosions in the building before the building began to come down). New RICO lawsuit has many more details - a must read.
The elections raise a number of questions that must be answered.  How come the "exit polls" are being used for all kinds of statistics about who voted and the issues of concern; however, we are being told that the "exit polls" were wrong in Florida and Ohio.  Give me a break!  I understand that individuals are looking into filing for a recount, since Kerry did not. 
Award - On October 23rd, I was in Berkeley, California receing the 9th place award from Sonoma State University for their Project Censored.  My remarks are on the front page. Of significance, I told those in attendance that next year, I only wanted to be there as a presenter and not to receive another "censored story" award, as hopefully, with their help, this story will become a major news story, as it should be!
Please tell your friends about us?ask them to sign our petition; contribute if they can; and spread our website to their family and friends.

08/06/04 Friday

For Immediate Release -
We have issued a Press Release around
the world that we hope you will read and pass on.

Ellen and I applaud the remarks of U.S. Senator Dayton's
denunciation of lies and inconsistencies by Norad.
(read full story here)
Stay tuned. Major developments coming.
One of our strongest supporters in the 911 Truth movement
is - a public action organizing effort
with over 40 groups around the world and growing.
Remember - together, we will find the truth of 911. 


Breaking news coming soon!  Stay tuned!
We are about to move forward with our case
and we need your help.

We are concerned about the new terror threats. 
Is this a real threat or politics? We hope politics
is not involved, but we're not sure.

Is there a correlation between Bush's showing in the
polls and the warnings from Homeland Security?

I know I said I was back, but this time I am. We are
about to have "breaking news," so really stay tuned. 

Since I last wrote about the 911 Commission Report,
as I told you, Ellen and I were in Boston for an interview
with TV Channel 4 London for the special they are having
for the anniversary of 9/11.

Now, we are waiting for the date for an interview with
Al-Jazeera Satellite TV Channel Ltd for their special on 9/11.

We have been reviewing the lengthy 911 Commission Report and our opinion remains the same -
it did not answer the real issues of 911 - how it happened - why it happened - who, yes, who was
responsible.  Now, practically three years later, no one has been held accountable!  Important - 9/11
could not have occurred without the knowledge / participation / or help of our federal government! 
Ellen Mariani and I will not stop until we find the "truth of 9/11."

Each of you can help right now!  And we need your help!  Please send our web site to everyone in your e-mail address book and ask them:

1. Read and sign our "petition" to support Ellen Mariani's efforts to find the truth of 9/11;

2. Ask their family, friends and associates to send on our web site to everyone they know
and request them to read and sign our petition.

[FYI - if 30 people signed and sent to 30 who signed our petition and sent to 30 and they
sent to 30 - and all signed, we would have 810,000 new signatures.  With your help, we
can spread our message.]

Thank you.
The telephones are ringing. Talk and news shows are requesting comments
and appearances for Ellen Mariani and I. The 911 Commission Report did not cover
the critical questions of the events of 911. Ellen and I will find the "truth of 911."
Today, Friday, July 23rd, Ellen and I are in Boston, Massachusetts being interviewed by
London England's Channel 4 for a special to be aired in September 2004 for the anniversary of 9/11.
Keep tuned.  Major developments will be announced shortly.
07/22/04 Hi!  I'm back.  A lot has transpired. 
Tonight, I will be on radio:
Phil Berg to be Guest on A Closer Look radio show
Thursday, July 22, 2004 5:00 PM, Mountain; 7:00 PM, Eastern
Tune in to hear Phil's reactions to the Commission's findings

A brief statement regarding the 911 Commission Report:
"Ellen Mariani and I, Phil Berg, are very disappointed with the 911 Commission Report as it does
not deal with the hard facts of 911.  It is outrageous that after twenty months, spending millions
of dollars and interviewing thousands that no one in our government is being held responsible
for the murder of 3,000 individuals.  Meanwhile, many people in critical positions on 911 were promoted
Ellen Mariani and I are now even more determined to find the truth of 911 through the legal system."

Keep reading our web site.

Thank you. Phil
06/10/04 Thursday

Wow!  Much has transpired since May 24th when my we left for Toronto for the 2nd International Inquiry on 9/11.  The Toronto conference was so informative. Scholars, researchers and even an attorney, myself, presented and discussed aspects of 9/11 with the conclusion that 9/11could not have occurred without the complicity of Bush
and his administration.

Many of these facts will be forthcoming in new books about to be released as well as our RICO case. Stay tuned.

We are working on plans of how to bring the "truth of 911" to the forefront. To do this, we need your support and help.  Please make sure you have signed our "Petition" from the 1st page of this web site. More importantly, please take the time to send the "Petition" to at least fifteen people and ask/suggest/tell them to sign the "Petition" and then forward it on.

Phil Berg

5/24/04 Tuesday
We need your help!

We are at a critical time. Please make sure you have signed our "Petition" stating that you support Ellen Mariani's efforts to find the "truth of 911."  Please send it on to everyone in your e-mail address book and ask them to sign our petition and forward it on.

We want to be prepared to take our next step - to promote our efforts nationwide.  With the award that Michael Moore just received regarding his new movie - "Fahrenheit 911"- when the movie is released - we want volunteers handing out "Stop the 911 Cover-up, visit" brochures at every location where the movie is shown. Michael Moore's movie is a start, but it does not go far enough.  We WILL.

Thank you.

5/23/04 Monday

While driving back to Philadelphia I heard on the radio that Howard Dean was speaking before his supporters. I immediately drove over there and briefly spoke with him. Dean and I have many things in common - and the latest ? he spoke Sunday, May 23rd at the Riverside Church where Ellen and I had spoken to 850 individuals about the "911 Cover-up" Saturday evening, May 22nd.

As they whisked him out of the door to another function, I handed Howard Dean the program from Saturday's "911 Cover-up" event and requested that he call me.

A request to the readers of Berg's Blog - If you know or have contacts with Howard Dean - ask him to support our efforts to "find the truth of 911."  Howard Dean has an enormous following and I feel he has the guts to assist with our efforts.

Remember, "together" we will find the "truth of 911."

Thank you.

5/23/04 Sunday (Riverside Church report)

Ellen and I received an overwhelming response from 850 people last evening at the Riverside Church in NYC. When Introduced, Ellen received a standing ovation for her courage and devotion. Ellen then gave her best speech ever, which discussed the horrific murder of her husband Louis (Neil) Mariani.

Ellen ended her speech by reading a poem written by her son in law, followed by her "three kisses and goodbye" letter. This part emotionally moved Ellen as well as many in the church.

I then addressed the very attentive crowd, highlighting the farewell address of George Washington. I compared many of his warnings to George W. Bush; and the possibility of Bush declaring a red alert which would trigger martial law.

I ended the speech stressing that we must be 'focussed' and we must come together, hand in hand to find the truth of 9/11. Then I urged everyone to stand up, hold each other's hands, and lift them high. The crowd enthusiastically complied, which showed their committment, then gave another standing ovation. We then had a short question and answer period. This was followed by Ellen and I being mobbed by participants who thanked us, encouraged us, and promised their own personal committments towards this effort.

5/22/04 Saturday (Riverside Church)

I am very honored to be speaking at the Riverside Church this evening. This is the same place where on April 3, 1969 the Reverend Martin Luther King gave his historic anti-war speech, Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence.

It is a challenge to realize that I will be standing in the place where such a great man gave one of his most powerful speeches about a critical issue at that time.

But this is a challenge that I look forward to. Those in attendance will hear me address the most critical issues of
our time: 1) the cover-up of 911; and 2) the taking away of our rights; and 3) the illegal war in Iraq.

We, together, all of us, must be "focused" upon the issues of our time, to come together, hand in hand, shoulder
to shoulder, for a "peaceful revolution" to end the cover-up, to regain our rights and end the war in Iraq.

To our success tonight, as together we "will find the truth of 911."

(Be sure to check back here later. Phil Berg has
agreed to give us a short report after the event.)

5/21/04 Friday

Today, Ellen Mariani and I were guests on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. 
We discussed several "unanswered questions of 911" and the fact that these
issues are all part of the "cover-up of 911."

The response to our website - from being on
Democracy Now has been fabulous. I am writing this only hours after
we aired live.

We have received today through our website:
1. Donations, which are greatly appreciated
2. Many signatures on our "Petition" to support Ellen's efforts
3. Many supportive telephone calls
4. E-mails complimenting both Ellen and myself

We look forward to Saturday, May 22nd, in New York at Ground Zero
and speaking at Riverside Church.
Please join with us if you can.

May 20 What a day in New York on 05/19/04!

Before driving to New York, I watched some of the 9/11 Commission Hearings on TV and then listened on the radio as I was driving.  The hearings are such a joke: praise for some; pointing fingers at some; not allowing family members to testify; and most important - the key - not asking the right questions.  When I arrived outside the hearings at the New School, I met my client, Ellen Mariani, who spent time in the hearings and she expressed her outrage.

We, thirty (30) strong, marched seven blocks in the streets, in the rain, with banner stating 'Support Victims' Families. Stop The 9-11 Cover-Up !' to our scheduled Press Conference.

The Press Conference was crowded; went extremely well; a representative of the foreign press was there; as well as CBS 'Inside Edition' that interviewed Ellen and myself.

Ellen and I look forward to:
1. Being on Ellen Goodman's 'Democracy Now' on Friday morning, May 21st at 8:00 a.m.;
2. Being at Ground Zero on Saturday afternoon, May 22nd; and
3. Speaking at Riverside Church in New York on Saturday evening, May 22nd.


May 19 "Watching the 911 Commission Hearings reinforces the fact
that they are not seeking the 'truth of 911.'

Today, Wednesday, May 19, 2004, I will be in New York City with Ellen Mariani and others to hold a Press Conference after the 911 Commission Hearings today.  We plan to bring forth the real issues of '9/11' that the
9/11 Commission has not and apparently does not want to tackle.

We will reveal the 'truth of 911' with the help of all who support Ellen Mariani's efforts.
Thank you.
May 17 Welcome to my blog, "Berg's Blog."  I plan to update it regularily, hopefully daily. For my initial comments,
let me hear from you about our updated website that, I believe, is really "user friendly."

I believe that the RICO Complaint is the only vehicle to move ahead against Bush and his gang. However,
more important, how every reader can assist right now is make sure you have signed our Petition
and that each of you sends it on to thirty [30] other people to read and sign and for them to send on.
Thanks in advance for your help.

PETITION available here

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Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1711
(610) 825-3134
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